OXDEX.COM Introduction

What is OXDEX?

OXDEX (https://oxdex.com) is a Decentralized AMM & Options Exchange on OKExChain.
OXDEX is a decentralized trading product based on the concept of automatic market making in the capital pool. It is committed to providing users with token exchange, liquidity, option trading and other services in the OKExChain ecosystem. OXDEX puts security in the first place and the most Focus on user experience. Provide customers with diverse assets, safe and reliable smooth transactions.
The functions of OXDEX's online DEX include Swap (Exchange), Liquidity (Liquidity) and Staking (Pledge). In the future, OXDEX will also create a more open and safe option derivative trading function, and launch an innovative derivative instrument protocol based on synthetic assets.

Token distribution plan

A total of 100 million tokens (OX) are issued. Among them, 72% will be used for mining rewards; 15% will be used for initial governance and market operations. This part will be partially unlocked after the mainnet is launched, and the remaining plan will be released in 5 years; 6% will be used for team incentives. One year after the online launch, it will be unlocked linearly in 24 months; 7% will be used for early institutional investors. This part will be partially unlocked after the mainnet launch, and the remaining part will be unlocked first within one year.
Transaction fees will be used to repurchase OX and distribute dividends to ecosystem contributors.
Last modified 2yr ago