OXDEX.COM User Introduction

How to start testing OXDEX.COM?

OXDEX Official website:https://oxdex.com

Receive test coins

At Gitter (https://gitter.im/okexchain-testnet/faucet), you can receive test coins for the OKExChain testnet.

Mobile login

Click the wallet list in the upper left corner of the TP wallet to switch to the OKExChain wallet, and enter the official website address of OXDEX.COM on the discovery page.

Computer login

It is recommended to use the computer terminal during the testing phase.
Please make sure that the MetaMask wallet plug-in is installed in your browser.(download link:https://metamask.io
Open MetaMask, you can see that the wallet is set to the Ethereum mainnet by default, click on the Ethereum mainnet, and click Custom RPC in the drop-down menu:
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Fill in the following data in the form:
MetaMask configuration of OKExChain Testnet
Network name:OKExChain Testnet
chain ID:65
Block explorer URL:http://www.oklink.com/okexchain-test
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After the configuration is completed and saved, switch to this network.

Start mining

How to conduct liquidity mining?

1. Select the Fund Pool page and click the Add Liquidity Fund button
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2. Select the trading pair you want to add liquidity to, here are two steps, authorization & add
2.1 Take OX/USDT as an example, enter the amount you want to increase, such as 10 USDT. According to the token exchange rate, the required amount of OX will be automatically calculated. Click the 「Authorize OX」button and the 「Authorize USDT」button
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2.2 Here will pop up the MetaMask window, click the「Confirm button」
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2.3 After confirming, click the 「Add」button
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2.4 Click「Confirm Add」
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2.5 After adding, you will receive USDT/OX Pool Tokens, and your positions will be displayed at the bottom of the page
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3. After the liquidity has been added, click the Liquidity Mining page again, find the trading pair you want to add liquidity to, pledge the LP, and then liquidity mining can be carried out
3.1 以 USDT/OX 为例,在 流动性挖矿 页面找到该交易对,点击「选择」进入,输入数量,点击「授权」,授权后点击「质押」Take USDT/OX as an example, find the trading pair on the liquidity mining page, click 「Select」to enter, enter the quantity, click 「Authorize」, and click 「Pledge」after authorization
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3.2 After the pledge, you will be able to see your OX rewards soon

How to perform single currency mining?

1. Go to the deposit coin mining page, select the token you want to deposit, such as OKB, and click 「deposit coin now」
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2. Enter the page, enter the quantity, and click「Authorization」
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3. Here will pop up the MetaMask window,Click the 「Confirm」button
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4. Then click 「Authorize」and 「Pledge」
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5. After the pledge is successful, the reward and pledge deposit amount will be displayed on the page, and you can get your OX
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How to conduct transaction mining?

1. Open the trading mining page, find the currency pair you want to trade, take WOKT/USDT as an example
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2. Return to the homepage, enter the amount to trade, and click 「Exchange」
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3. After the transaction is completed, return to the trading mining page, under the trading pairs you have traded, you can see the OX rewards you have received
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