Q: Why does the rate of return change?

A: The annualized rate of return is estimated using the data at the current moment, such as the total lock-up volume or total transaction volume, block interval, unit block reward, etc. The unit block reward generally does not change, but the total The locked position or total transaction volume is always changing, and the block interval is also dynamically changing, so the rate of return is floating.

Q:Why can't I see the currency in MetaMask after receiving the test currency?

A: In this case, you can manually add a new custom token in MetaMask. The token contract address is * and the token symbol is, just fill in and save.

Q:Why does the transaction fail when redeeming, adding liquidity, or removing liquidity?

A: When performing these three operations, the current transaction price needs to be obtained, but when the transaction is submitted to the chain, other people may also submit the transaction and affect the price. The deviation of the two prices is called slippage, which can be passed Set the interface to increase the tolerance of slippage to solve this problem, but please pay attention to the risk. Increasing the tolerance of slippage may cause the actual transaction price to be too different from the price when the transaction was initiated.